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Helping talent build their brand and land endorsements from the foundation to the deal

Content Production

High quality content is the building block to building your brand. At Eight Seven Media, our team works one on one with each client to create custom, bespoke brand-specific content for their social channels.

Social Media Management

The Eight Seven Media team will produce, and publish bespoke content your behalf on a daily basis as well as strategize and execute all social media management tasks in which we outline together. Our team engages with your audience (answer every comment, answering DM’s, directing them to the appropriate party). We will also work together to create engaging social media activations in which we engage your audience to share and grow organic followership.

Talent Endorsements

Working as a talent manager, Eight Seven Media connects their clients with talent that fit their brand voice and identity. With the appropriate content and social engagement to back it up, our team works to create influencer campaigns with curated content and talent.