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Dedicated Experts With a Proven Record of Success

We believe in working with like-minded, motivated, and hard-working individuals. Brilliant teams start with a strong foundation, and our team is deeply invested in not only building our brand, but building yours.

Meet The Team

Dylan Scance

Founder, Managing Director

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Dylan’s background is rooted in celebrity endorsements and influencer marketing. Passionate about music, sports, and culture, his vision is to change the social media endorsement landscape for athletes and brands and to help maximize their digital value.

Derek Flodmand

Co-Founder, Creative Director

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Derek is a photographer and filmmaker leading the teams creative mission. Passionate in sports, travel, music,and culture, his mission is to create engaging content to help tell the story behind each client and help to build their brand to the highest potential.

Jim Tunison

Director of Business Development

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Jim is an experienced sports industry professional with a background in sponsorship and promotions. His energy and enthusiasm are matched by none. With a knack for creativity, he is determined to drive value and execute for his clients. 

Brad Shutack

Content Creator

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Brad is a top-tier content creator who famously drove Lyft across the United States to photograph the national parks. Brad has an eye for the creative and looks at each piece of content with extreme detail and a unique perspective.

Elliot Forde

Athlete Relations

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Elliot spent his time after college playing professional baseball. He leads our Athlete and Talent Relations team by working one-on-one with our clients to understand what their needs are off the field and helps service their needs.

Alec Gibbons

Business Development Manager

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With a background in sports and client relations, Alec works with our partners by identifying their digital needs to craft a customized solution to fit their brand. Having previously helped build social media brands, Alec knows how to connect with the consumer audience, specifically tailored towards a younger demographic.


Jonathan Chanti

Strategic Advisor

Leveraging influencers on behalf of brands since 2009, Jonathan Chanti has become a leading advocate and trusted authority on Influencer Marketing and Celebrity Endorsements. Jonathan has been featured in publications such as Entrepreneur Magazine, The New York Post, Ad Age, Forbes, The Drum, and Digiday to name a few.